Black Smooth Solid Leggings


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Our Black Smooth Solid Leggings are a must have staple part of your wardrobe. So many items go with black leggings that you could create a week’s worth of outfits with this one item. They are versatile, comfortable and easy to move in. This particular pair of leggings makes you feel like you are not wearing them, and they are so smooth to the touch.

These basic everyday leggings have an elasticated waistband and work well to slim the leg. Remembering the general rule of thumb, darker colours on the lower half to slim and lighter colours on top to detract the eye. Leggings are so easy to wear, they can be worn with pretty much anything: trainers, sandals, shoes and boots. Knee high boots often work well disguising the lower leg especially if this is an area you are conscious of.

As previously stated, leggings work well with anything. If there is a shorter dress that you don’t feel like bearing your legs, then leggings can fit the bill. Contrasting a knee length or above the knee dress with leggings can transform a dress into a long top. Still looks just as effective.

To lengthen the legs a pair of heeled boots could be worn. This is so that it tilts the calves and slims the legs. A perfect combination. To then wear this an a casual but smart outfit, a denim jacket could be worn with a big chunky scarf.

Fabric content: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane 180gsm


UK 16, UK 18, UK 20, UK 22


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