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Our Chain Print Shirt has a fabulous, confident, bold pattern. A great use of colours and print that is not overbearing.

So lets accessorise. To start with we would opt for some gorgeous boots, either ankle boots or knee highs.Then we would go for some black leggings. To wear under this soft shirt maybe go for a black vest top and then wear the shirt with the tie round the middle. Not everyone is a fan of a tie, so it is optional. You may just prefer a loose shirt. You can then have the shirt part way done undone and this will be a fabulous outfit.

This chain print shirt has such a great use of colours and pattern.

We always think it is good to try something different. Seeing something on a hanger in a shop can make it look different to actually wearing it. Don’t be afraid to wear something that makes you stand out. You are not supposed to fade into the background. Wear colours with pride and confidence. This would an addition to our wardrobe if we had to choose.

Made in China

Fabric content: 91-99% Polyester.


UK 12, UK 14, UK 16, UK 18-20


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