Nursing bra model 137597 Kostar


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The nursing top is made of pleasant to the touch microfiber. The inside of the cups is covered with high quality cotton to ensure maximum comfort for your breasts, which are very delicate during feeding. The top allows feeding without taking it off. Discreet and easy to use Quick-Click fasteners allow for effortless release and fastening with one hand. No underwire or wires, so it’s perfect for night time, bedtime or as a first breastfeeding bra when your breasts are particularly sensitive. Great construction, reminiscent of a sports bra, and a double layer of fabric (cotton on the inside and microfiber on the outside) make the top perfectly support the breasts, so it will also work during the day. The top has thick shoulder straps with the possibility of adjusting their length. Elastic, wide band at the bottom of the top makes it adjust perfectly to the circuit, the material does not roll down. A great alternative to standard nursing bras. Comfort and perfect fit, unusual softness and delicacy.

Cotton 15 %
Spandex 15 %
polyamide 70 %

Size Chest
L 98-107 cm
M 91-97 cm
S 83-90 cm
XL 108-117 cm
XXL 118-127 cm
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm




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