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Our Polka-Dot Maxi Dress is super cute. Don’t you just love spots! This dress screams “I’m over here!” The Curvatures Boutique does not enhance the notion that you should blend into the background because you are a plus size. We fully support embracing your body, loving your shape and size. Therefore we will be the first to shout about bold colours and large prints, and this style of dress needs to be shouted about.

Now there is a little tip with this dress and it is key – otherwise it wont sit right. When you first put the polka-dot maxi dress on the V-neck sits higher and does not look as effective. Like many of us with an outfit, you have to play and faff with it to get it to sit right. This is no different. When the model first put it on she pulled the dress down as far as it could go. She then repositioned the V-neck to make it have a bit more cleavage and added length to the dress.

This is exactly what the wholesalers did too! It’s magic and it completely transforms the dress. It made the model feel more confident in wearing a bold dress as she felt it was accentuating the right features. We will always be honest with you and share any tips we have.

The material does sit to your body which is why it is important to get the right size. The dresses do come up a little smaller then the standard UK sizes so another reason to double check.

When these dresses arrived they came with a tie that goes around the middle. The model is a size 22 on the waist and she found the tie was not long enough to create a nice bow. You will receive the tie with this dress, but it is just an advisory we give. The dress was modelled without the tie as it was felt the tie did not enhance the dress. You could however tie a bow and pin/stitch it to the dress if needed.

Make sure you wear the right underwear. Go for a smooth t-shirt bra to ensure no lumps and bumps of bows or lace can be seen through the material. It may be worth looking for some shorts to wear underneath, as sometimes we can find our legs chafe a little Anti chafing short leg slip shorts.

With high quality and textured Polyester/Terylene, the fit remains comfortable for you.

Made of: 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex.

Accentuates all the right features, floor length and is extremely flattering, a great buy for anyone.


UK 14, UK 16, UK 18-20, UK 22-24


Blue, White


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