Red & Black Floral Midi Dress


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Our Red & Black Floral Midi Dress Size is just amazing. It has such great qualities such as pockets! It is a thick material that feels quality. It has bold red flowers on the lower half that contrasts with the black top half. It appears like a 2 piece but is an all-in-one dress. It has pockets for a casual feel to it. A full zip at the back and is just so comfortable.

It is generous in its sizing too. The model is a size 22 on the lower half and she was able to model a size 18. Having a good fit will accentuate the right areas. It is half sleeved as well so if you have hot moments in colder weather this can still keep you cool. It sits just past the knee so offers a flattering length.

This is a must for the office. It would enable you to power dress and with the right pair of shoes you will walk holding your head high and turn some heads too! You could colour match your shoes to either black or red – both would look fabulous!

You could opt to wear this out too should the right occasion arise. It’s not really a club sort of outfit, so it may be more suited to a meal out, or girls lunch/coffee date. Personally we feel this is definitely more for the office.

Be sure to wear the right bra with this to ensure a smooth shape.

If you wanted to add extra zest to this outfit you could disguise the waist where the black meets the flowers. You could look for a wide elastic chunky belt that pulls your waist in. You could try either a red belt or black belt. However, should you go for the red, make sure the red matches the bold bright red in the skirt.

This floral dress with pockets is a great way to show off your calves, power dress and feel confident!

Made in China

Fabric content: 60% Rayon, 34% Nylon, 6% Spandex


UK 14, UK 16, UK 22, UK 24


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