What Are Chakras?

If you were asked the question what are chakras? Would you know how to answer it, and what it all means? In this blog, I will explain what a chakra is, what it does and how balancing your chakras can enhance your life. There are 7 chakras in total, and

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The Mystical White Sage

Beyond Cleansing Powers In the realm of spiritual practices and natural remedies, white sage stands as a revered herb known for more than its ability to cleanse negative energies. While smudging with white sage  celebrated for purifying spaces and souls, it also holds profound benefits for mental health. In this

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Welcome to our Community, where we are all about providing the guidance and support to empower you on your journey. You may not even know that you are on a journey or what bought you to this site. That’s ok, hopefully you will click on some blogs or watch some videos and have an a-ha moment where everything makes sense and resonates with you. 

Our mission here is to help bring balance to your world. Whether you start by soaking up knowledge on the chakras, or gain an insight into the spiritual meaning of pain and dis-ease, it is entirely up to you. There is no right or wrong way. We have 3 different sections: The Mind, The Body and The Spirit. In each section you will find all the information you need to help create a better version of You.

You are a co-creator to your life, and believe it or not You have actually made everything in your life happen. The most magical part is knowing that if you have already created your life so far, what could you do to create an even better life? There is an infinite amount of possibilities on what you do next. We are excited to see your take your first step into your transformation.

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