Natural leather bag model 191527 Galanter


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Paolo Peruzzi round women’s handbag is made of aged natural hunter leather. During the use of the handbag, scratches will appear on the surface of the material, giving it an individual character and vintage style. The main compartment is zippered, inside there is a single zippered pocket. In the bag you will successfully fit the most necessary women’s trinkets. For the most frequently pulled accessories, a front pocket with a magnetic fastener and a back zipper pocket were created. Adjustable leather strap with a length of 75-140 cm, allows you to adjust the height of carrying the shoulder bag to your height or preferences. You can successfully wear it on the haunches of any autumn-winter jacket. In the coming season, introduce a touch of color into your closet by choosing an orange shoulder bag. Stylish women like to put on such accents, you should have one too.

Width 22 cm
Bottom width 8 cm
Height 22 cm
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm




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