Plus size Trousers model 193917 Karko


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Roberto pants are a combination of comfort and style. These soft knit pants together with a matching bomber jacket create a complete look, perfect for both casual and informal gatherings. Roberto pants are great for a variety of occasions. They are perfect for meetings with friends, walks or spontaneous shopping trips. They are also a comfortable option for a movie night at home.
Pair these pants with a bomber jacket and a white basic t-shirt for a casual effect. Add sneakers or sneakers to emphasize the casual nature of the set. You can also wear them with a smart blouse and heeled shoes for a more chic look. You will achieve a complete look by adding subtle jewelry accents and a fashionable shoulder bag. This set is a great alternative to traditional clothes for everyday wear, while still maintaining a fashionable expression.

Spandex 5 %
Polyester 25 %
Viscose 70 %

Size Lenght Hips width Waist width
38/40 100 cm 100-106 cm 80-96 cm
42/44 100 cm 108-114 cm 88-104 cm
46/48 102 cm 116-122 cm 96-112 cm
50/52 102 cm 124-130 cm 104-120 cm
54/56 102 cm 132-138 cm 108-128 cm
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm




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